Nesties and Hobby Lobby

Is it sad that I made stops at all the Hobby Lobby's on I-10 this past weekend to pick up Nesties at 40% off? Don't answer that question, just let me believe that everyone would do the same thing if they were passing 5 Hobby Lobby's and had coupons. More of my friends should get married in locations that force me to pass Hobby Lobby's. I'd have the whole Nestie collection in not time at all.

I meant to take a picture of the wedding card, but I was too worried about seeing old friends after 10 years to remember. I got myself all worked up about how I have changed in the past ten years and really had nothing to worry about, they have changed, too.

I am getting excited about the upcoming Copic Certification class in Columbia, SC. TO get me really ramped up, the ladies at Copic are having a blog hop. OK, I know it is not just for me. Head on over to Marianne Walker's blog, I like Markers, and get started meeting all the instructors and blog team.