Canning Week and a review

It is Canning Week over at A latte with Ott, A and From A Mess Hall Bistro I decided to join in on the fun. As you know, I have had a great summer of jams, preserves and slow cooker butters. I am not brave enough to try actually canning vegetables. One day, I will try. I hope to get some figs in before the summer disappears, just have to find a source. I did want to share with you my latest discovery. Awhile back, my mom gave me a coupon for Ball jars and supplies. I decided to splurge and bought the new Home Canning Discovery Kit. Obviously, I have already discovered home canning, but I was so excited about the possibility of using less water and making smaller batch creations. The kit includes a recipe booklet and jars so you can get started right after you open the box.

I used this on the last batch of Peach Butter I made. I posted about it here. I LOVE it! Less water, shorter time to bring to boil, less space on my stove. The benefits are numerous. I typically only produce in half-pints, so I can put 5 in the basket at a time. This would not be ideal if you have just harvested your garden and need to get everything processed and in a jar quickly. What I do think will happen, is I can be more adventurous with my recipes and try new things because I am working in smaller batches. I could use a slightly larger stock pot, but what I have works for now. I'll keep looking at the thrift store until I find a deal. So, if you are considering trying canning or already have all the other supplies, I suggest this as a great first step or as a way to try something new. You can order them on-line here.

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Peachy goodness

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to drive through middle Georgia on my way home from Calloway Gardens.  If you did not know, this is where the concept of Georgia Peach was born. Middle Georgia counties produce the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious peaches in the whole wide world. Argue if you like, but I will not change my opinion. I stopped at Taylor Orchards to grab a bag of peaches and some homemade peach ice cream. OK, I stopped for the ice cream and happened to pick up a bag of peaches. I should have gotten two bags. Ultimately, they ended up in a batch of peach butter. I did save one to enjoy just plain and simple. SO Delicious! 
I used the slow cooker like I did for the blueberry butter I made earlier this summer. Here is the recipe:

15 good size peaches
1 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Splenda Blend
1 cup Honey

Blanch and peel the peaches, cut peaches into smaller chunks. Fill slow cooker and set it on low. Add spices and sweeteners. Cover the slow cooker but keep the lid raised by placing a spoon on the rim. The cooking process takes form 6 to 12 hours. When it butter reaches the desired consistency then you are done. You can use a whisk, potato masher or hand-held blender to smooth out the butter. Process in a water bath and let cool. 

My house smelled great while this was cooking. Yankee Candle should make this into a candle scent. Everybody is getting butters and preserves for the holidays! Just need to work on my cute packaging. 

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CHA SuperShow Make and Takes

CHA make and takes are soooo much fun! Each day I tried to set-up a decent picture of the day's work. This first picture contains a pair of earrings, the grunge paper cuff that I made at the SplitCoast tables, one of the Paper Crafts magazine cards, the cute button pin from Blumenthal Lansing Co, another cute pin from Papertrey Ink as well as a card and my super cute scissor holder.
This picture is of two cards made at the Kaiser Craft booth. Really loved their papers, bling, laser cut wood pieces and stamps. Of course, the third is a classic Papertrey Ink holiday card.
More cards. First from Archiver's made with EK Success punches and the Inkadinkado Spray ink, then peeking out in the back is a Fiskars card. The third card is another Paper Crafts magazine card. Closing out the set is another Papertrey Ink card using this year's CHA special set, Four Of A Kind.
This is the final set of make and takes. Sorry the picture is lacking, but I did the best I could with the setting. I really considered "borrowing" the black room information holder. Admit it. It made a perfect card display.  This set starts off with my other cute scissor holder. So fun, I had to make another one to make a set. Next are two projects from the Michael's tables, a key chain and a bracelet. Rounding out my collection is a heart shaped pom pom from Clover and a duct tape luggage tag from the Joann's tables. 

Are you dying to go to the next SuperShow after seeing all this fun crafty stuff?  I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment or ask a question. 

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CHA Crafty Star Sightings

What a great lady! I am so amazed that she responds to all her comments and takes the time to acknowledge all the submissions for her challenges. I really thought she had a small group of interns responding, but Cath sent me a response to my clean and graphic card while I was at CHA and I had the chance to confirm that she was actually in the hotel room sending emails during the SuperShow. Now, that is dedication to the cause. I really had a great time meeting the whole Paper Crafts Magazine crew and loved reading my sneak preview copy of the latest edition on the plane home. 
How the PTI team stayed smiling the whole show is beyond me. They worked so hard with the make and takes. Smiling, instructing, posing for pics, demoing(is this a word?), stamping, smiling, laughing...  Papertrey Ink is the reason I started coming to CHA SuperShow and I loved the booth this year. How cute are those PTI aprons? Debbie is so sweet and always smiling.  When I asked for some support for my first blog candy, she included me in one of her posts. I really appreciate her effort. Hope she says yes to my next request for blog candy support...

While I was working on one of the PTI make and takes, I noticed this crafty star sitting across from me. Sharon graciously let me snap a photo while she worked on the PTI make and take. Among their many talents, Sharon and Debbie do amazing things with COPIC markers. Make sure to visit their blogs.
This lady is on point. She has style, business savvy and is so sweet. I had some questions about submitting for publication and Ashley took the time to give me her perspective.  We met at CHA SuperShow in Orlando. Now, I know I am not her BFF (I am open to the concept. If she is interested), but she is a source of inspiration through her blog and Embellish Magazine as well as the numerous publications and design teams.  

I saw so many other Crafty Stars, but never got a chance to get photos. It's my own fault. I always remember my camera after the photo opportunity. Not shocking, that I failed scrap booking. Next, I'll share pics of the many make and takes I completed at the SuperShow. There was so much to do and so little time.

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Finally a new blog banner

Working on a college campus, fall is CRAZY for me. I am trying to get items posted but alas, it is not happening the way I hoped. This picture is proof that I did attend CHA. I meet a great set of ladies that offered to take my photo in the BIG frame. Let me clarify for you, I do not enjoy having my picture taken. The pictures never seem to be very flattering. In this case, I am OK with the outcome. 

Also, Ashley Cannon Newell's husband, McArthur, took this picture of Ashley and me which turned out pretty well. Who am I kidding, I do not care if it is unflattering, it is posted on Ashley's blog, A New Design. I danced a gig and giggled when I saw the post. 

Back to my pictures. My cheeks always take over my eyes.  I really must work on my "pose" for when I am famous! I'll check with my stylist and get some suggestions. Oh, I don't have a stylist. I do have more to share about CHA. Hope this weekend I can get it all organized. Bottom line, I had a BLAST, saw lots of inspiring industry biggies (I was not as star struck this year as I was last year) and got my craft on at all the make and takes.

Happy Day!

P.S. I created my new banner using freebies from the Scrappin Cop. Go check out all the digi stuff she has posted. I could have spent all day scrolling through her blog.