After the fireworks

Hi friends,

I hope you have enjoyed the last two posts. It feels good to be back sharing my creations. Hope y'all enjoyed reading them and will get a chance to use the recipes.  I am happy to say, I am going on vacation and looking forward to the time away from my job and the heat.  I hope to be able to post in the next two weeks but I will have sporadic access to internet. Of course, I have an iPhone, but alas, I have not figured out how to post from the phone. The phone is called a smart for a reason. I am working on the work smarter, not harder part and will put some energy towards mastering that in the coming days. 

I may come across some fun stuff to share as I travel this week. To give you some incentive, these are some of the things I will be sharing soon...


Blueberry Pickin'

Every year, well at least the last three summers, I have spent many a morning at the Brewer Christmas Tree Farm picking blueberries. This is my summer therapy. When I come back from the farm with this many berries, 
approximately 8 quarts, I have to figure out what to do with all that berry deliciousness. I freeze several bags and always keep a big bowl in the frig for nibbling at will. This trip I decided to make blueberry butter in the slow cooker and blueberry gelato. I wrote about the blueberry butter this time last year on this post. The gelato was a great way to use my new ice cream maker!