Candy for Sally

I swear, I have never been so lucky, but when it comes to blog candy I am charmed. I got a comment from Di Hickman yesterday and she suggested I check out her blog. Well, I won her Friday Freebie, LOTS and Lots of FLOWERS! Yippee for me! Di is amazing. She has accomplished so much in the paper crafting world, other worlds, too, I am sure, but I can only read her craft resume. Go by and check out her blog, she can really inspire! Di, Thanks so much for my Flowers. I can't wait to use them.


My Sketch World

Just realized I never posted my sketch for the last challenge at MSW. (Picture quality is a little bit of an issue, but I can't afford a new camera so forgive the image flaws) You should see how everyone created something unique from the same sketch. The newest sketch is up and the DT did a great job making cards. I am working on my next interpretation of Lucy's sketch. They will post on May 10. Off to Hobby Lobby for 50% off Bling! Have a great day!


Gift for a friend and I [heart} Cricut

I am sad to say my friend is moving to Cincinnati. I made her this journal as a going away gift. I figured she can use it to handle the emotion of relocating or make it her place to keep all the information that comes from moving . You know, the address of new nail place, dry cleaners, neat stores to visit and new places to eat, etc. The journal was in the $1 section at Joann and I spiced it up a little by adding a bookmark, the paper clip, section tabs and the great embellishment on the front. I even went through the journal and stamped each page with a motivational quote from Inque Boutique's, Quotopia set. Sorry to see her go, but so glad she is happy with the next phase in her life!

We had a big party for her last night and I needed a gift bag for the journal and several other goodies I gave her. Enter the new Cricut my mom gave me. At the last minute, I decided to recycle an old bag. When I say last minute, I mean my ride was coming at 6:45 and it was 5:20 when I started. Did I mention that I still needed to shower and get ready for the party? Needless to say, I whipped up this cute bag, and got ready with time to spare. I am good!

I hope you had a great weekend. I am enjoying the rain. More to come this week. Have a super day!


Love these earrings

Everyday, I scroll through my google reader posts and see what is happening on my favorite sites and blogs. Well, today I came across a tutorial that I really loved and had to share with you. Check out these great Earrings and the lovely packaging! I may have to drag out my jewelry supplies to make a pair this weekend. Maybe more to come later today, Happy Friday!


A little green for the Earth

FYI - I treated the recycled elements with archival spray so it would not ruin my cards and pages.

I promised I’d post again today and here it goes…
In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share my recycled page elements. These are from my post consumer waste, a.k.a cereal and coke boxes. I made packets of the embellishment for the women in my stamp club at Scrap Chic Boutique. The great thing about them is that you can use the side with color, or use the other side just like you would chip board.

Now, for a card that I made to submit for the DT contest, but I missed the deadline. The post said Saturday, and I read Sunday. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Guess what? I am getting a card for My Sketch World ready for posting. Make sure to check the site on May 10 for the next sketch and samples by the DT.
OK, more to come later this week. I am working on a gift for a friend who is moving to Ohio and cards for other sketches. Have a super week!

Ladybugs for little ones

How long has it been since I last posted? TOO LONG! I am amazed at how quickly time passes. Just got a early morning call to nanny today, so my plans for an elaborate post have gone down the tubes. Quick and simple will have to do today.

My friend is going to be an aunt and the nursery is done in ladybugs so I painted this hook for her to give her new niece. I can't decide if I should add more detail or leave it simple. Right now, I am calling it finished.

I have a card to share as well, but the system is not letting me upload the image. So, I guess that means I will post later today. Have a super day!


Final Sample

It is already Wednesday! What happened to Monday and Tuesday?! This is the last card sample for the group meeting this weekend! Several people have let me know they are excited about Inch, Inch, Moo. I was going to a card swap, but I remebered this Saturday is the Artist's Debut at Scrap Chic so I changed my plans. Got to support the LSS. I am planning to spend Thursday afternoon working on cards, organizing, and getting ready for a yard sale. Lofty goals, but I am going to try. Have a great Thursday!

By the way, I received my blog candy from Sue (see April 4 post). Love the magazine, the stamps, all the goodies! THANKS for sharing.


Scrap Chic Boutique Club Meeting

This time next week, I will be working with the lovely ladies at Scrap Chic Boutique to create cards from my session called, Inch, Inch, Moo. I posted a sample earlier and this is the second of the three I made. I'll post the last one mid-week. Hope you like!

Already on the wrong foot..

So, I started my day by reading an email from Lucy at MySketchWorld that asked if I had made anything for the card sketch. Well, no, because I never got any information. SO, sad. All the cards look so lovely on the slide show, mine is just missing. Not to fear, I am going to get busy making a card and send it to Lucy. Hopefully, she will add the late addition.
But, I did complete Beate's Weekend Challenge and a Lizzie Anne Designs challenge. See exhibit A (right) and B (left). They are mostly paper and ink with a little ribbon thrown in for good measure. Let me know what you think. OK, I am off to work on my card for MSW. Check out the site later to see what I make. Have a super Sunday!


Friday Fun!

Happy Friday! I finally have a card to post. It is a sneak peek into my upcoming card club meeting. As you can tell, it is a holiday card. My stash of stamps is mostly holiday so that is what I had to work with for my samples. Everyone else can choose what ever she wants to use. In honor of the holiday theme, I took my card outside a photographed it in front of my Christmas tree trimmings. Pitiful, I know. I still have tree trimmings on my table in that back yard. Sad, actually. Now you can tell why the class is called, "Inch, Inch, and Moo". The elements are inchies (google,"Stamp Inchies) and Moos. I have two more samples to share over the week, so keep checking back for more cards.

Maybe I can get busy o some other cards while I wait on the exterminator, not Arnold, just the local pest guy. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Shout out to DTizzle

Ok, you are probably wondering who is Dtizzle. DT is a long time friend and the giver of my lovely new teapot and cups, cast iron with dragonflies. To say I have wanted these for a while is an understatement. DT came into town for a visit and left these on the bed for me to find. I was pleasantly surprised!

The dragonfly on top of the teapot balances on the tip of its nose, if dragonflies have noses. I had to do a little surgery on it because Linus liked it and tried to eat it. However, as you can see, good as new! I REALLY love my gifts!

I finished all my samples for the stamp club at Scrap Chic Boutique. I am sending a supply list the group in bits so no one gets overwhelmed. I hope everyone gets something out of the meeting.

I also signed up for a local card swap! Pretty excited to meet local crazy card people. I have to make 20 cards and bring supplies for 20 more, must get busy! I’ll post a sample when I finish it. I have an idea for an Etsy store, came to me as I lulled myself to sleep last night. When I get it, all figured out, I’ll let you know. Have a super evening!


Mostly Shout Outs

Today, I have a list of things to accomplish. I am supposed to be applying for jobs, but I am taking care of my creative stuff, first. Well, It appears that after years of never winning anything, I am rolling in the blog candy. I got an email yesterday from Shelley at Stampin' and a scrappin' letting me know I won one of her bits o'candy! I am most excited because it includes some Prima flowers! Never had any of those and very excited to play with them. Shelley has an Etsy store, you should check it out.

Also, while surfing this morning, I discovered http://www.paperclipping.com/. Podcast and video of great stamping stuff. I watched a great clip of Dedra Long's stamping room. SO jealous of her space! So check it out.

By tonight, I hope to have a few more cards completed, applied for at least 5 jobs and maybe figured out how to make some money on Etsy. Ok, that is a little adventerous, but set high goals and you may reach them.


Monday, Monday...

Happy Monday! My weekend was nice. Topped it off with a walk in the park with the dogs. With all the rain we have had lately, they are a eager to get out of the house. So, no more cards this weekend. I did start work on the card club class. This is a sneak peak into my class samples. Just blurry enough to not be clear and just clear enough to look like holiday images. What will we make?

A few weeks ago, I help Colleen S. of Distinctive Touches name her upcoming card class. Jeri B. from Memories from the Attic sent me some blog candy for helping out Colleen. Well, I had a package in the mail yesterday, forgot to check the mail on Saturday. Jeri sent great stuff, beautiful papers, flowers, even corduroy flowers, cat eye ink, ribbon and some Heidi Swapp Sparkle! Can't wait to play with it all. Thanks, again, for sharing the candy with me.
Off to nanny, Have a great day!


Beate's Challenge

Finally broke down and completed a card for Beate's Challenge. I am not feeling very creative. My result is ok, but I really am not too wowed. So, I'll just keep trying.

Named my class for Scrap Chic Boutique, "Inch, Inch, Moo." If you are a part of the group and read this, it should pique your interest. Now, I just need to make some samples and create a supplies list. Thank goodness, I always have tomorrow, except when it is all the sudden the day before the event. But, in this case, I still have time.
Big sale at Michael's. I plan to visit first thing tomorrow. Just got a Cuttlebug and really want to buy some folders. One more toy for me to play with and clutter my craft table. I love it!


Friday Fun!

Oh, Boy! It is Friday and I am having FUN! I have not posted because I spent the morning looking at other blogs, websites, emails, etc. I could sit here all day and see what everyone else is doing. I joined the Lizzie Anne Designs forum and signed up for the newsletter. Love their images and site.

I also looked in my SPAM folder and discovered I won some more CANDY! Thanks to SueB at Blondin Blogs. She asked how I signed my cards and I told her about my Asleep on the Couch stamp. If I ever reach a milestone on my blog, I will offer candy, too.

I am looking for a job, so I get a little down when a lead does not turn into an offer which happened this week. I try and remind myself that life could be much worse. One way is by creating so this is my latest card to remind me to Be Happy! I am quite proud of this card. Plus, the chip board was from a set I got at Big Lots for $1.99!
I hope to do some challenge work this weekend. Have a happy day and a great weekend!


Back to saying, "I will make a card today" ...

I've been so busy, I have not created a thing. So sad! I have a few things to do around the house, but I will make a card today. I did find some great baby items in the Target dollar section. We are going to welcome twins in the fall, Aunt Sally again and again, so I am getting ready. Found out Wednesday they are a boy and a girl!

I do have a few cards left to share from my last big creation day. This one was pretty simple. The image is a stamp from Imaginations. I used color pencil and baby oil gel to add color. Then de-stressed the edges as well as added ink. Using my heart punch, I made the decorative edge added ribbon and some light green bling. My favorite part is the color! Big impact!
I am leading the card club meeting later this month at Scrap Chic Boutique. I need to start playing with my ideas so I can develop the class. So, I should be posting my play creations soon. It's almost the weekend! Have a super day!


Fresh, cool morning

Good morning! I really do enjoy sitting at my desk with the backdoor open and feeling a slight chill in the air, but knowing it will warm up quickly. My very busy convention is coming to a close, thank goodness. I did not make the Scrapbook Express DT. I know the people that did will be a great team. Check out their work over the next six months at Scrapbook Express.I am looking forward to what they create!

I love getting mail. The whole process of finding something new in the box and opening it really makes me happy. So, imagine how happy I was when I had a package in the mail on Monday. The package was full of Blog Candy from Kelly at Daisy Girl. She picked my color combo as her winner. The envelope was full of ribbon, three clear stamps and mini album and a great card. Thanks to Kelly for the goodies.

So how about a card. This one is more simple than most of my cards, as of late. Everything is turning from brown to green, so I made a card that does the same. The bright new green that I see on most trees, plants, bushes, right now is very stimulating. The image is from Magenta. I inked it with markers and really like the impression it makes. Hope you are enjoying the green around you. If spring has not yet sprung in your world, hold on, it's coming!
Happy Wednesday!