Guess what...

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50 years is a LONG time...

Just ask my parents, Janice and Foster! I am so excited to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by asking you to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk. I think this marks my 10th year of participating in Light the Night and I am so thankful that my parents join me each year and we typically have a grandchild or two with us to enjoy the fun activities leading up to the walk. The pictures are from the walk in Savannah in 2010. As survivors of blood cancers, both of my parents have directly benefited from the services offered by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as the research this organizations funds. Please consider making a donation as your way of recognizing 5O years of Janice and Foster. 

I have made it super easy by putting a fundraising widget at the top of my sidebar. Click on DONATE NOW and you are directed to the donation page. All donations are tax deductible. Thanks in advance for supporting this cause. I don't ask for you to donate or give on a regular basis and would never start making it a habit. This is my one cause! If you have friends or family members who understand the impact blood cancers can have on an individual and their love ones, please share this with them and ask that they make a contribution to Light the Night. To learn more about the organization, check out the website, http://www.lls.org or to learn more about Light the Night, visit this website, http://www.lightthenight.org.


Jars of Summer

I have started posts several times over the past few months, but life job keeps getting in the way. In July, I did squeeze in a trip to the North Georgia mountains for a little R&R. On my vacation, I managed to relax in between bouts of canning. This first picture is a sampling of the goodies I made around the July 4th holiday and when I returned from the trip. Pickled okra, spicy dill pickles, peach honey butter, blueberry maple pecan conserves, pepper jelly, corn salsa, and blueberry lemon jam. That is not all I've made. Make the jump and see what else is stored in my kitchen cabinets...


After the fireworks

Hi friends,

I hope you have enjoyed the last two posts. It feels good to be back sharing my creations. Hope y'all enjoyed reading them and will get a chance to use the recipes.  I am happy to say, I am going on vacation and looking forward to the time away from my job and the heat.  I hope to be able to post in the next two weeks but I will have sporadic access to internet. Of course, I have an iPhone, but alas, I have not figured out how to post from the phone. The phone is called a smart for a reason. I am working on the work smarter, not harder part and will put some energy towards mastering that in the coming days. 

I may come across some fun stuff to share as I travel this week. To give you some incentive, these are some of the things I will be sharing soon...


Blueberry Pickin'

Every year, well at least the last three summers, I have spent many a morning at the Brewer Christmas Tree Farm picking blueberries. This is my summer therapy. When I come back from the farm with this many berries, 
approximately 8 quarts, I have to figure out what to do with all that berry deliciousness. I freeze several bags and always keep a big bowl in the frig for nibbling at will. This trip I decided to make blueberry butter in the slow cooker and blueberry gelato. I wrote about the blueberry butter this time last year on this post. The gelato was a great way to use my new ice cream maker!


Making A Comeback

I was amazed to see that I have not posted since... oh, NOVEMBER! Wow! Believe it or not, I have not made a card since OCTOBER. I have crafted a few other items and started playing with the sewing machine I inherited from my grandmother. I attribute my "comeback" (a mere attempt at this point) to Pinterest! My creative juices are flowing and my "not right now, I am pinning" levels are at an all time high I am eager to reconnect with the blog world. If you have not checked out Pinterest, follow the button in the side bar and find out what all the hubbub is about... Go ahead, I'll wait...

Isn't it a great way to inspire and be inspired! I posted this cucumber salad on one of my boards and now I am going to add the recipe here so everyone can enjoy the yummy goodness!