Two Months and I am still crafting out of boxes

In an effort not to bore you with the mundane aspects of my transitional life, I have not been posting. Crafting out of boxes really does not lead to much creative activity. In the past two months, I have made ONE card! I am ashamed to call myself a paper crafter. Alas, I am moving into my final (OK well, more permanent than the vacation rental I currently occupy) house. It is a cute little cottage and I know that my creative juices will flow freely once I get everything unpacked and in its place. At my rate of getting settled, that should be sometime next summer. I will be posting more regularly after Thanksgiving.

How will I ever become the paper craft entreprenuer that I want to be if I do not start creating and posting. For now, I will put up sneak peaks of my newest My Sketch World card. Like much of my life, I am a little behind, so this is a spooky card that I made for my nephew. Christmas cards are still in the I plan to make them stage.

Did I mention that my camera is taking worse and worse pictures. I know, the camera is operated by me, but I am pretty sure it just need to go to the place where aging cameras spend their senior years and I need to pick up a much younger version. Happy Crafting!

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