SOMETHING NEW TO INSPIRE YOU! If you haven't heard, Ashley Cannon Newell is bringing a new publication, Embellish Magazine, to those of us addicted to paper crafting and challenges. I may be a slacker crafter, meaning I really just collect products and never actually create, but that does not mean I am out of the loop on the "whos its and whats its" of paper craft. I subscribe to the "right" blogs!

This looks like it might get me motivated to create. Well, the fact that I have a class to teach in October might also be the reason I actually create, but Embellish Magazine will certainly provide some inspiration for the card designs I use in that class. This just in...

I won for the drawing for Ashley's blog! Oh, how exciting! Here I was typing another new adventure and did not even know I won.

Thanks for sharing, Ashley. At least the four people who read my blog know about your new publication.

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