The wins keep on coming

Maybe this not creating is the way to go. I won, again! I was the Day One winner for this months PTI release. In 2-6 weeks, a box of goodies will come for me containing the new set Peaceful Poinsettia, an old favorite, Holiday Wishes, clear rhinestones, and clear epoxy dome stickers! How cool is that?!
Actually, I have made a card this week. Still no pictures to share, but they are coming. I am working on all the samples for my class. The first one looks great! Not to mention Micheal's keeps giving me 50% off coupons and I feel like I have to shop with that big a discount. So each time, I go, I have some great new idea for a card and usually by the time I get back home, I have forgotten the idea, but I have some cool new craft supplies. I know something is weighing on my mind, becasue I am hording craft supplies. I'll be gald when I figure out the issue. At this rate, I'll be broke soon and then that will be weighing on my mind.
I'll charge the camera and take some pics of the new cards this weekend and hope to share the samples next week. Until then, check out the new releases at PTI.

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