Little MESS and my good deed for the day

No card today, and no drawing for Blog Candy winners. I know, what is the hold up? Well, blame it on this little one... Don't be fooled by the adorable face and crooked nose, HE is a MESS.  See, what had happened was... I, minding my own business, went to put my suitcase in my car on Friday morning to go home for a visit. Then just as I was headed back up my front stairs, I heard it, "Is this your dog?" 
D'oh, I did not go fast enough up the stairs and back into the house. Enter cute puppy with no owner to be found, me headed out of town and the morning commuters zooming by at 90 miles an hour on our street just inches from his cute little tail (OK, a slight exaggeration, but I needed to create suspense). He joined me as I finished my morning routine and then we headed to work. 

Divine intervention, I saw the Eureka Farms RV ahead of me in traffic. My dog stays at Eureka Farms when I travel. I essentially stalked the RV until it stopped and then begged the owner to take the little booger until I returned on Monday. 

Well, last night was entertaining to say the least. I had to juggle feeding the dogs, this little one will eat anything you put in front of him. My dog was feeling all, "Why is he here?" and "How could you let him eat my food?" I did manage to make signs and get them posted on the street at about 10 p.m. We survived the evening, only to endure crate time. Oh my, can he whine and cry! Needless to say, I did not get much sleep last night. While he was all bright and chipper this morning, but I was dragging. On my way to work, I got a call from his mom. She just knew he was gone forever. Nope, he is at my house, I am sure still whimpering in his crate. Boy, do I appreciate my almost 4 year-old dog more today than yesterday. 

So, I will work on a card and the drawing this afternoon. When the little MESS goes back to his house and my dog, Linus, returns to snoozing on his bed while I create.

Happy Day!


  1. Oh but that little MESS was cute. And you win karma points for taking him off the street for the weekend.

  2. Oh My Goodness! I've been waiting for myself to log on and see this MESS. WHAT A CUTE, CUTE, CUTE MESS! Those eyes are just mesmerizing! You're such a caring dogmaritan!


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