Hey everybody!

LOOK WHAT I DID. This is the new post I plan to host. I love telling you what I made, but I want a way for my subscribers, really anyone to share what they do with others, so LOOK WHAT I DID was born. I have thought about names for at least two weeks, and I will try this one on for size, for now. 

Basically, on Wednesday, I will post a new project and tell you what I did. Usually I post cards, but this could be anything I make, accomplish, achieve, discover, and experience... I'll add an Inlinkz and hope that you will post your LOOK WHAT I DID. Then others can visit your blogs and check out what you are proud to share with everyone. 

For example, my new blog banner is a LOOK WHAT I DID.  I used my digital scrap images and Microsoft Word to make my new banner. It is that simple. Complex only if you decide to own up to how many hours it actually took to figure out how to place all those images, add a background, get the sizing correct, learn to save it as a PNG image and change the banner in blogger. Of course, that is just an example. I whipped this banner together in no time with ease, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Please consider joining me next Wednesday for LOOK WHAT I DID. I am posting now, so you can capitalize on that moment between now and Wednesday that you get that warm proud feeling and think, "Dang, I did a good job on that." or "Well, I'll be. I need to tell someone about that..." Not sure if you put thoughts in quotes, but they needed something to set them apart from the rest of my rambling. 

I will cruise through all of your submissions and pick a few to highlight in a post later in the week. I am working on a blinkie for you to put on your blog when I highlight your LOOK WHAT I DID. Be patient, I did just figure out how to save a picture as PNG for my banner. 

Now, I know many of you might have Esty shops and I love that you are hopefully making money with your crafts. Share what is new and exciting, maybe a new product design, a new pattern, a technique that you mastered or that you actually sold something on Etsy for the first time. Please don't use this a just a way to plug your shop. Your craft will speak for itself when you share your LOOK WHAT I DID.

No. This is not an April fool's joke. I really do want to know what makes you proud and gives you the hankering to share with others. I am off to visit with family, so I may not post again until Monday. If you are looking for him, I hope the Easter Bunny finds you. If not, enjoy the beauty of a warm spring day!

I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment or ask a question.

Happy Day!

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  1. Hey Sally - I love all of your cards I think that they look great. I especially love this idea of "Look What I Did". Its a fun and generous way for you to interact with all of your friends and followers. Thanks for putting it up!


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