Canning Week and a review

It is Canning Week over at A latte with Ott, A and From A Mess Hall Bistro I decided to join in on the fun. As you know, I have had a great summer of jams, preserves and slow cooker butters. I am not brave enough to try actually canning vegetables. One day, I will try. I hope to get some figs in before the summer disappears, just have to find a source. I did want to share with you my latest discovery. Awhile back, my mom gave me a coupon for Ball jars and supplies. I decided to splurge and bought the new Home Canning Discovery Kit. Obviously, I have already discovered home canning, but I was so excited about the possibility of using less water and making smaller batch creations. The kit includes a recipe booklet and jars so you can get started right after you open the box.

I used this on the last batch of Peach Butter I made. I posted about it here. I LOVE it! Less water, shorter time to bring to boil, less space on my stove. The benefits are numerous. I typically only produce in half-pints, so I can put 5 in the basket at a time. This would not be ideal if you have just harvested your garden and need to get everything processed and in a jar quickly. What I do think will happen, is I can be more adventurous with my recipes and try new things because I am working in smaller batches. I could use a slightly larger stock pot, but what I have works for now. I'll keep looking at the thrift store until I find a deal. So, if you are considering trying canning or already have all the other supplies, I suggest this as a great first step or as a way to try something new. You can order them on-line here.

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  1. Thanks so much for partying with us. I'm glad to hear your thougts on this kit. I have seen it in the store but didn't know how well it really worked. Don't be afraid of the pressure canner; I promise it won't bite!!!

  2. Thanks for joining up with us and good luck on the giveaways!


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