First time for everyting...

Well, as a person who refuses to join Myspace or Facebook, I find it funny that I am making a blog. But, I am working hard to develop a papercrafting business, actually just elevate my work past hobby status and this seems to be one way to get the ball rolling.

Asleep on the Couch(AOTC) has been with me for many years and it all stems from the fact that I would rather be asleep on the couch. SO much a problem, that I got rid of my couch. I dabbled in home produced bath products several years ago and came up with AOTC. It seems to have stuck.

Things you should know - I will continue to add as I create. Crafty Dreams lists the bloggers and sites I look to for motivation, inspiration, and basic needs - not including food, clothing, and water.

Not sure how this will evolve, I am excited to see what comes next. I did not wake up this morning and know I would have a blog by lunch. Some days, I really amaze myself. Have a great day!

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