Life gets in the way...

I mentioned my new-to-me craft organizers a few days ago and here is my embellishment organizer. Isn’t it lovely?! Love how my scissors and small ruler fit just perfect, so transportable and so ROY G BIV! Forget paper crafting, I am just going to search the thrift world for ways to store all my supplies!

Keeping up with a blog is a lot of work. I have tried to update my posy several times, but life keeps getting in the way. Yesterday, I went to Birmingham with my Dad. Really, I chauffeured him to the doctor's office. He was following up on what Katie Couric suggests we all do at his age. Catch my drift? Fun for me, not for him. I spent the day with my cousin! We had a great time!

Went to Crestwood Coffee Company for a cup of joe - now, I a not a coffee drinker, so one cup gets me REALLY going. Just so happens that right next door was a great antiques/junk store - of course, we BROWESED! I found my mother a gift, not sure, when she will get it and I added a great black teapot to my collection. Did I mention I collect teapots? Usually only buy those on special occasions - spending the day in Bham with Tatum, qualifies.

Lunch was delicious at the Bottle Tree Cafe and we spent the afternoon at local galleries. I particularly enjoyed Naked Art! I finished the day by giving blood while I waited on my Dad to wake up from his procedure. Now, I hope to make some cards in the next few days. It is such a challenge to make a card for a challenge. Still waiting to hear about My Sketch World DT

Have a wonderful hump day!


  1. Hey chicka...came to say congrats. I was hoping you made after I read how you were trying to avoid gluing. LOL! Look forward to working with you.. let's make it a great year.

  2. Congrats Sally! I'm also part of the DT, so let's rock!


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