Meet a Design Team member

Yes, I am on a DT! I am a proud new member of the My Sketch World Card DT! I have the privilege of working with 13 other team members for the next year. Funny thing is...My dog ate my submission. No, really, He dug it out of my bag and chewed on the top of the card. What can I say? He appreciates a good design. This is a picture of my submission. Hope you like it!

I hope to make contact with all the team members and start getting to know everyone. Some of the very prepared have already made contact. I am usually moderately prepared so I will not be the first to submit or make contact.

I am still working on my unmounted stamps. Decided to keep most of my medium and large stamps mounted. I did discover Paper Trunk, all recycled papers. Figured it went along with my recent green theme. Check them out.
Have a super Thursday!
P.S. Thanks Lisa for giving me a chance!


  1. Congratulations! I'm a member of the Card DT, too. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. Great card!! Congrats on the DT! Can't wait to work along with you!


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