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Now, I have a few friends who subscribe to Asleep on the Couch, but I have not gotten any followers in the little thingy (technical term) on the side of the page. At last, I have a follower and a little picture on the side of my blog. Check it out, Holly Brooke Jones is my first follower! She has a two great companies, Vinyl Wall Art and My Cute Stamps! Check out her blog, Creating Cupcakes. What a week, Debbie Olson, Holly Brooke Jones... I am blown away...Then there was that ZEBRA on the loose here in Atlanta. How crazy is that? No creations this post. Just wanted to brag about my first follower. So exciting! Of course, I know that the people reading this are also followers. I appreciate you even if you do not show up in my little followers thingy on the side.

I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment or ask a question.

Happy Day!

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