Check me out...

I'm MOXIE FAB! OK, I have been doing the "I'm so EXCITED" dance all day long. Well, there was the brief I got to potty dance, but the rest was definitely so excited dance.  Being able to add the Moxie Fab winner button to my blog is on my list of things to accomplish in 2010. I love checking things off my lists.

I did a little rearranging last night.  I love these two bars of goodies. All neat and organized and easy to see. Not perfect, but I am committed to getting up during commercials and doing something to improve the craft space. This weekend, I may even turn the TV off and really do a overhaul. Hope to have a card tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Day!


  1. finally i get to comment on your blog. you comment on mine all the time. but for some reason the firewall at work prevents me from leaving you some love.

    CONGRATULATIONS!! so happy you get to cross moxie fab off of your list! thats sooo exciting!

    you know i keep hearing that true dedicated scrapbookers and card makers dont watch TV. I love TV an i dont think i could ever give it up. Now if i didnt like tv them maybe i would get more things done in my craft room.

    anywhooo.... hopefully i end up in savannah one day so we can meet again!!!

  2. Amazing photos. Beautiful blog. Have a nice day Radka.


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