LWID and Strutting my Stuff

Yesterday, I mentioned all the berries I used for Triple Berry Jammin'. Well, berries leave juice and juice stains, so I decided to throw some white ribbon in the bags and see what resulted. Pretty and pink shades of ribbon. From left to right, blackberry juice produced the darkest ribbon and my favorite color. Next is strawberry. A soft shade of pink that smells delicious. Last and with a purple hue, is fermented grapes, aka my wine. The bottle was sitting on the counter, so I figured why not try pouring some in a bag, too. The third ribbon from the left is actually cream ribbon dyed with wine. I think at this point, I was grabbing anything and throwing it in the bags. No, the wine did not have anything to do with this behavior. 

I had given up on LOOK WHAT I DID, but one of my friends left a comment about her flowers on yesterday's post. See her flowers here. How exciting to put a seed in the ground and experience the growth of such beautiful flowers. Good job! I am so glad she wanted us to see what she accomplished. So, I will renew my call for LWID posts. Create your LOOK WHAT I DID and use inlinkz or leave a comment that includes a link to your post.

To start the process, I will share this for the Strut Your Stuff posting over at Somewhat Simple. Thanks for stopping by I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment or ask a question. 

Happy Day!


  1. Oh my goodness, how cool is this?! Seriously deliciously awesome!

  2. So ingenious! ...and look at all those followers! Get 'em!


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