I am certified! Not certifiable, but approved by Copic.

Did I mention that I was certified in December? I have a picture to prove it. Well, actually it just proves I was in the same room with Sally Lynn MacDonald, but I got my certificate in the mail this week. I now have evidence. I prefer to be the only Sally in most situations, but I made an exception for this class. Who am I kidding, Sally Lynne falls in the Great Sallys catagory. I'd be happy to be in any room with her, probably because she would be teaching me something creative and super cool.

This little frog is a result of my learning the proper "flicking" technique. I believe that is a technical term. The class was a blast. I met so many great people and I did not feel like a freak because I was surrounded by people just like me. What I mean is they are all in LOVE with a marker. Not everyone gets that, you know. The little bag is full of goodies that came with the certification class. Now, I just need to practice, practice, practice.

Happy Day!

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