Operation Studio Update

I mentioned earlier that I spent a good chunk of the holiday break organizing my craft space. What you need to realize, is my studio is actually located in my living room. My house is super old and the living room used to be two rooms. As a result it is very long and narrow. So first, I'll show you my space looking from the TV viewing section of my living room.

Now, that I look at it. This view does not seem so organized, but believe me, it is a whole lot better than what was going on here before Operation Studio Update. The handsome dog is, Linus. Anytime I am crafting, he is sitting at my feet wondering when I will be done so we can head to the dog park.

This is the top of my work table. It is always nice when you can actually see the craft mat and it is not piled high with stuff. If you look at the top left you can see my TV and in the top middle is the door to my kitchen. I am not kidding when I say my house is small.  I have some detailed shots of the other areas, but I will save those for my next post. I want to keep you coming back for more and I do not want to ramble on for days in a single post.
One more thing. See that cardboard box in the first picture? That is the mother-load of blog candy I gathered while executing Operation Studio Update. Hope to get some of that together this weekend.

Happy Day!

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