Moxie Fab Package and one Card three ways

Howdy all,
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The highlight of my weekend was sushi and a pedicure with my friend, Kate.  Nothing like a full belly, a massage chair and a hot stone foot massage. Wish I could do that every weekend. 
Actually, that was not the only highlight of my weekend. On Saturday when I returned home, under my welcome mat was a package of goodies from Moxie Fab World! I won one of Cath's drawings. Oh, my, she sent me a a bunch of craft stuff. Look at the American Crafts package of FUN! Of course, I will pay it forward by keeping some in my "To Be Blog Candy Pile", but the rest I will have a blast figuring out how to use in upcoming cards.

Also, this weekend, I spent some time working on a new card. I spent a good amount of time trying to decide where to place the elements. As you can see below, I moved the little witches hat and pumpkin around about 50 million times. OK, a slight exaggeration, but I did struggle with where they should land. Finally, I just said, "Enough." and stuck them down on the card. I'll share the final card in a later post with much better pictures.

Remember my blog candy and challenge (See the top of this page). April 1 is just around the corner and I said I would give the PTI stamp set away if I have 250 followers. As you can see, I am no where near 250, but I do loooove my 21 (at last count) Followers. So, I might drop it down a little. Spread the word and tell your blog friends to sign up as a follower. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest creation. I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment or ask a question.

Happy Day!

American Crafts


  1. I think these are adorable!!! I like the first one best tho......LOL. They are all cute tho!!! I will link you up on my blog a bit later tonight when I finally set in to do my post...who knows maybe you will get a stragler :)

  2. I think that I like the last one best - with the hat and pumpkin at the bottom of the card.

    Crazy to think that it's probably time to be working on fall items!

    (And the lunch and pedi were my weekend highpoint too lovey!)


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