Gift for a friend and I [heart} Cricut

I am sad to say my friend is moving to Cincinnati. I made her this journal as a going away gift. I figured she can use it to handle the emotion of relocating or make it her place to keep all the information that comes from moving . You know, the address of new nail place, dry cleaners, neat stores to visit and new places to eat, etc. The journal was in the $1 section at Joann and I spiced it up a little by adding a bookmark, the paper clip, section tabs and the great embellishment on the front. I even went through the journal and stamped each page with a motivational quote from Inque Boutique's, Quotopia set. Sorry to see her go, but so glad she is happy with the next phase in her life!

We had a big party for her last night and I needed a gift bag for the journal and several other goodies I gave her. Enter the new Cricut my mom gave me. At the last minute, I decided to recycle an old bag. When I say last minute, I mean my ride was coming at 6:45 and it was 5:20 when I started. Did I mention that I still needed to shower and get ready for the party? Needless to say, I whipped up this cute bag, and got ready with time to spare. I am good!

I hope you had a great weekend. I am enjoying the rain. More to come this week. Have a super day!

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