Shout out to DTizzle

Ok, you are probably wondering who is Dtizzle. DT is a long time friend and the giver of my lovely new teapot and cups, cast iron with dragonflies. To say I have wanted these for a while is an understatement. DT came into town for a visit and left these on the bed for me to find. I was pleasantly surprised!

The dragonfly on top of the teapot balances on the tip of its nose, if dragonflies have noses. I had to do a little surgery on it because Linus liked it and tried to eat it. However, as you can see, good as new! I REALLY love my gifts!

I finished all my samples for the stamp club at Scrap Chic Boutique. I am sending a supply list the group in bits so no one gets overwhelmed. I hope everyone gets something out of the meeting.

I also signed up for a local card swap! Pretty excited to meet local crazy card people. I have to make 20 cards and bring supplies for 20 more, must get busy! I’ll post a sample when I finish it. I have an idea for an Etsy store, came to me as I lulled myself to sleep last night. When I get it, all figured out, I’ll let you know. Have a super evening!

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