Friday Fun!

Happy Friday! I finally have a card to post. It is a sneak peek into my upcoming card club meeting. As you can tell, it is a holiday card. My stash of stamps is mostly holiday so that is what I had to work with for my samples. Everyone else can choose what ever she wants to use. In honor of the holiday theme, I took my card outside a photographed it in front of my Christmas tree trimmings. Pitiful, I know. I still have tree trimmings on my table in that back yard. Sad, actually. Now you can tell why the class is called, "Inch, Inch, and Moo". The elements are inchies (google,"Stamp Inchies) and Moos. I have two more samples to share over the week, so keep checking back for more cards.

Maybe I can get busy o some other cards while I wait on the exterminator, not Arnold, just the local pest guy. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. How adorable!! I really like that card.

    Jessica Lynn

  2. Christmas - already - WOW - love the card :)


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